~ life updates // I’m back!

Hello everybody! I am officially back from my break! I still may be gone a bit until school gets out because a) I wanna work on my blog design, b) I have this thing called SCHOOL! and c) I still need a little break. Donutย ๐Ÿฉ worry, I’m still going to be posting, just not as much. I should have a celebratory post the second school gets out. XD
Yes, so as you may know by the title, I have some updates about me and my life. Hope you enjoy!
So firstly, I may be changing my posts a bit. I am going to still be posting lifestyle, but also a bit more fashion too.
And I might be adding a button page, probably not.
So, first off: School is ending in less then a month!! Yippee!!
Is it just me, or did May go by like a week? I mean, HOW is it the 26th of May right now??
I’ve been obsessed with the show Backstage, but it’s not a scary show. But I still love it! It’s on Netflix. ๐Ÿ˜€
We took two field trips this week, which was fun!
My blog design is going to be outstanding thanks to my design team!! Any guesses as to what the theme is going to be?
This is getting long and boring, so I’m going to wrap it up now. ๐Ÿ˜€
I now have two-possible-doll-announcements. Both might not happen, but are possibilities! Any guesses?
So, goodbye! I know this isn’t super exciting, but I’m glad to be kind-of back!
~ Arabella
{I’m making a new sign-off, so for now I’m not using it}

8 thoughts on “~ life updates // I’m back!

  1. Welcome back! And also I have to agree, May has gone by so fast! I remember I had to recall the date for something and I genuinely thought it was about the 5th of May when it was like the 20th. The whole year so far has gone by so fast too be honest. Looking forward to seeing your new blog design!

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