BIG. NEWS!!! *a must-read*

update: it should be changed! just read on to find out more!!Β 

GUYS YOU HAVE TO READ THIS I’M CHANGING MY BLOG URL SO WHEN I NEXT POST YOU’LL FIND OUT WHAT IT IS JUST LETTING Y’ALL KNOW!!! Yup! So will no longer be in use and will be deleted! I can’t figure out any other way. Bye for now!

And… it’s now!! Yay!!

Oh, and does anyone want to be part of my “design team”? You won’t do much designing unless you really want to, but you guys can give me advice, and help me!!! Just let me know and I’ll shoot you an email on Friday or Saturday!


yup, dat’s changing too!


34 thoughts on “BIG. NEWS!!! *a must-read*

  1. Congrats!! I would love to help with the design but I’m really busy right now with revision. Also, I’m just a little confused, I don’t know if I read anything wrong but you said you won’t be using the url but you changed it to, which is the same url. Sorry, if I’m being really stupid, I’m just a little confused. XD

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    1. That’s okay! I’m also pretty busy right now. Yeah, I had written my old url but silly old wordpress must have changed it to my new one…

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        1. Yeah, so I had written arabellaandmore, but wordpress must’ve changed it thinking that I was writing my regular link. Anyways, it’s

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