HARPS round 5: I barely made it!

Heya! Yeah, the “I barely made it” part is because I told Starling I probably would be unable to post, but I was barely able to post. Imma going to be doing a few poems, and the topic is encouragement! This poem is called “Someday”:

I’ll be off to college, someday.

I’ll have friends, someday.

I’ll have a job, someday.

I’ll be raising kids, someday.

I’ll get fired, someday.

I’ll go through everything, someday.

Someday, I’ll be off doing all those things.

But what about today?

So, that poem basically tells you to not to worry about the future- but to think about today and not stress out about what will come ahead. Here’s another poem-

I will lift up into the sky

Like a butterfly

And I can soar through the winds

I can do anything

I wanna do

So why don’t you

Come along with me

And feel what it’s like

to be freee!

And feel like (x10) and also at the same time (1 freedom is 2 and feel like, do you get it?) freedom (x5)

I bolded butterfly, my team name. 🙂

I know it wasn’t much, but hopefully you enjoyed and it made your day. 🙂

AND to Starling, I know I said I wouldn’t be able to post, but I was able to very quickly!!

Oh, points? 5 points, 3 for posting, and 2 for the little challenge! I know it’s not much, next time I’ll include pictures (I’m not doing next week because of my break, sorry!)



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