Collab of the A’s: Homeschool vs Public


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Heya! Today I’m collabing with my one of my BBFs (Best Blogging Friends), Ariana! We are going to be doing the difference between homeschool and public school! Her blog is here, please check it out! If you haven’t seen her then you’re missing out!



  1. Do you like homeschool/public school?

Yes, I do, but there are some things I wish I could change. One example is the length of the day! I leave home at 7:30 and get back at 3:00 (7 AND A HALF HOURS!!!)!

Yes, very much so, I am so glad I am taking homeschool.

  1. Have you ever been homeschooled/public schooled?

No, I have not. But homeschooling seems pretty cool!

Yes, last year for one semester I was private-schooled, it did not work out, and I am glad I am back homeschooled.

  1. What is your favorite subject?

Social Studies and science! Both of them relate to archaeology, which I want to do when I’m older. (archaeology deals with history and culturals, social studies, and science because part of it deals with the human body and system).

History! I want to be…possibly, a history teacher, I love to help kids, but a tutor would also be awesome. 🙂

  1. What do you wear to school? (me) + Do you wear PJs? (Ariana)

Hmm… I don’t usually wear fancy stuff much, but on gym days I’ll wear my gym clothes. of course next year I won’t have to because we’re having lockers for gym. Usually it’s just jeggings and a t-shirt, or sometimes when it’s warm, a dress!

No…haha, that is a myth to my family. XD. No pajamas here! But, I do typically dress causually, unless we are going to town and I will get un-play-clothes on. ;D

  1. Do you have friends who do not do what you do?

IRL: no, not really… my cousins are in a Immersion school so maybe that counts? Online: YES!!! I have so many blogging friends who are homeschooled!!!!
Yes, I do, I do a lot of plays as my followers know and I meet some people there and then work with them a lot and we become good friends, and not all of them are homeschooled like me.

Hope you enjoyed the collab and check out Ariana’s blog before you go. Again you can click here to see her blog!


ALSO: I am not sure if I want a professional look or pro-un-professional look to my blog. What do you think?



18 thoughts on “Collab of the A’s: Homeschool vs Public

  1. Wow, awesome collab! I loved reading your answers. Haha! If I go to public school anytime soon, just like Ariana’s parents, mine would never let me wear PJ’s to school. XD

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  2. I am homeschooled. I do some of my subjects online, and some not, but next year, it will be all online. (scary 😳) The only time I’ve done school in pj’s was when I broke my collarbone. We just decided to leave me in them, because they were loose (not hurting me) and it was so hard to change clothes. 😛

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      1. They have collaborates Monday through Thursday at certain times. They’re like the ‘class’. All students can log in, and to communicate, we do so in a chat box. The teacher can load up slides (like powerpoint) and go through them to teach us, and talk over a microphone. They can draw on their slides, too, and give (or take away) student permissions to use their own microphone (reading) typing in the chat box (talking) or writing/drawing on the slides. If we need help, we can email the teacher, or just post an email in the ‘classroom’ and other students can read it and try to help answer our question. 🙂 I hope that wasn’t too confusing. 😂

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  3. I have never been homeschooled and tbh I don’t like the idea of it 😟 I understand why some people do it though. It was great reading you’re replies! I always thought they wore pjs to school 😴😂

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    1. Me neither! I think it’s cool, but probably won’t do it to my kids, because I want them to go to an actual school (like in a building with a bunch of kids, rather then just siblings).

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  4. This is so cool! I do a sort of mix, lol. I do an online private school, so that makes it a little funny, but I do like being home and how I don’t have to be at school for 8 hours every day!
    I don’t know! I love the look you have now, it really combines the two!

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