HARPS round 4: your passion

I AM SOOOOO SORRY I WASN’T ABLE TO POST THE LAST TWO ROUNDS!!!!! I had started writing posts and planned to publish them during the weekend, but no, I was too busy and I didn’t know that I wouldn’t have time!?!?! XD

Anyways, I am back on track with HARPS and this week it is your passion! I have several passions, but this post is going to feature just one. I have two other posts for this planned (1/2 to make up for the last two weeks, and 1/2 because I have so many ideas!)

The topic I’ma gonna talk about is Ultimate Frisbee! I have just started it this April and I’ve enjoyed it so far! It’s pretty much the only sport I do, and Ultimate isn’t that common, so first I’ll go into some basics!

How to Play:

so after we do drills and start actually playing, this is how it works:

We divide into two teams (but when actually playing, our team will be against another) and pair up with someone on the other side. One team throws the disc when everyone is ready, and then it’s that team’s turn to throw.

If you are throwing the Frisbee, then your teammate will try to stop you, also if you are trying to catch it. The team that successfully catches the Frisbee past their line (usually with cones), wins!

Hope you got the gist from that, haha!

I have started this with my BFF and so far it’s been amazing and super fun! Sorry this is so short, the other two will be way more interesting! (if you want the know what they will be about, ask in the comments!)

You can even play Frisbee at home not ultimate, but just for fun. Plus, it gets you outside! XD

As for the designing of the site, I have nowhere to goooo!!! I’m not sure what I- or my followers- would want. So, if you would, PLEASE (sorry I’m begging!!! XD) talk this survey right here which is very short and will help me out a ton. Thanks so much!

points: 3 for posting… hehe… I’ll include pictures next time, okay?? 

I was going to post this in a day that has a “t”, but there are two more posts! Yay!

11 thoughts on “HARPS round 4: your passion

  1. OH MYYYY yes Ultimate Frisbee! I only played it once then I got injured quite fast so I had to stop 😦 (I mean stop that particular game, not stop playing UF entirely) And I am gonna fill out the survey now!

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    1. Thanks! That’s too bad :(. I can see that happening. Luckily my friend and I haven’t been injured, but we’ve been… careful. (but yeah, a lot of kids have been injured too).

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