april faves 🌱

hiiiiya! it’s me, Arabella! well duh anyways I’m back from my tiny little break! I had already written the summer things post but just published it, haha! today I’m posting some of my april faves! is it just me or did april go by like the week of 04/22 (just a random week that went by fast)?



pretty girl, clairo: this was a recommendation from Arabella and I’m in love! ❤

lights down low, max: another amazing song that you’ve gotta check out!!

rise up, andra day: this song is so soothing! last year’s chorus sang it and ever since then I’ve loved it!



Raf celebrated 400 followers! congrats!

Jasper gave us tips & tricks for thrifting

Ella was giving advice to people



my basmati bat mitzvah is an amazing book I’m rereading! it’s definitely worth checking out!

well, that was awkward is another awesome book that is so relatable! the only problem with this book is that it did have a little bad language in it. otherwise, I totally recommend it to you!



pierogis are super good!! I also love ravioli (I get the two confused, haha). you should definitely try potato or corn flavored! mmmm

lindt balls are da bestttt! I tried coconut this month and they are just too good for words!



seltzer. ok, so you may not know this  but I don’t drink soda! not at all! so, I drink seltzer instead! man, it’s tooo good and I’ve been obsessed lately!

bathacinno (I got this at learning express but honestly, I think you can find it in a lot of places). ahhh, I loved the bathacinno set! it included 4 mini bath bombs (but they weren’t super strong), epsom salt, bath confetti, and a little straw/spoon! I recommend this to everybody because it’s just ultra soothing and amazing!

frisbee! I started frisbee this month with my bff and we are getting better and it’s so fun! do you want a post about frisbee? anyways, it’s super fun and *actually* a sport!! yay!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this! my site may have a bit more designing, sorry! but thanks for the survey results, I am planning a lot of posts and new summer design for the blog! see ya sometime this week for a harps post! bye!!




24 thoughts on “april faves 🌱

  1. Awww! Thanks so much Arabella! I ams so happy you loved my advice post! Will be posting another one soon when I get another email! x

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    1. my basmati bat mitzvah is probably my favorite (current) book! I always like updating my blog, too! Thanks! xx Ara


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