summer things

sorry for the very strange title?!?! It’s the best one I got since I’m currently hitting an almost-bloggers-block. anyways… today I’m sharing a list of things I want to do over the summer. now do you understand?? yes? ok, then! let’s get started!

+places to go+

Cape Cod, MA: we usually go to the cape every summer so this one is a most-likely place to go. I just love the beach and restaurants and *starts blabbing off about Cape Cod*

Rhode Island: we’ve been here before, but usually for a day, so I would loveeee to go again for a couple of days this time!

Washington, DC: ahhhh just thinking about DC makes me so happy! (maybe I should have included it in my happy post- traveling?)

Road trip: I would love to take a road trip! possibly to Minnesota (west) or down to Georgia (south).

+where to shop+

Justice: ohhhh how I love Justice! I rarely get to shop there so that’s another thing for my summer list.

forever 21: I’ve never shopped here, but I’ve seen the website and all the clothes look amazing!

target: I shop here all the time so this will be no problemo!

h&m: again I haven’t been to H&M, but I’d love to go!

+where to eat+

au bon pain: I’ve been here before and it’s delish! I’d love to go again.

Panera: again I’ve been here like, too many times but want to go even more. XD

starbucks: yeah, I’ve never been to starbucks. yeah, yell at me. seriously. I’ve never been!

dairy queen: oh I love dq!! it’s soooo good!

hope you enjoyed! be back soon for a april wrapup! and thanks to everyone who’s already took the survey! Check out my previous post for that! hope you enjoyed!


22 thoughts on “summer things

  1. Lovely post as always. Ok, this will be a long comment. Are you ready? Two things.
    1. I tagged you for a likes/dislikes post. Read mine here:😍➕😭/ —Please say you can do it! —
    2. What theme and font do you use? I know it can be annoying getting into the customizer, but if you know could you tell me?
    Thanks for being patient with reading to the end of this looooong comment! Rhi xxxx

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    1. Haha I love long comments., XD
      1. Yay! I’ll totally do it as soon as I can!
      2. right now I’m doing shoredich, it’s really fun to use! I’m not sure about font… sorry!
      Hope I helped! ❤


      1. Thank you, that’s very helpful! So happy you are doing my tag! Well, not mine. Girl Alert’s, but whatevs. I love reading long comments too! Thanks for following me!!! 💜💜

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  2. I enjoy hanging out at Starbucks with my one friend, and we both get frappuccinos there. She always gets caramel and I get mocha. 😉 The caramel is super sweet (sweet enough to actually be too much for me! 😱) but the mocha is a bit more down to earth while still be awesome. (Also I really like mochas soooo that helps too. 😂) You should totally go there!

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  3. Ahhhh yes! Come down to Georgia! It’s a great state 😉 😀 Starbucks has really good frapuccinos! If you like caramel, their caramel frapuccinos are really good, hehe xx

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    1. I will hopefully be able to go! I was able to see Georgia when I went down to South Carolina but didn’t end up in it. I have got to try their caramel frapuccinos! I love caramel. XD


  4. Cape Cod is AWESOME!! You NEED to go!! *gasps* How could you never have been to Starbucks?!?! 😆 When you go, I suggest you get the cake pops, they’re delicious! 🤤

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