ways to be happy

hi guys! i’m back with another post for starling’s contest! let’s get started!

ways to be happy-

  • take a walk
  • do something you love (art, a sport, a game, etc)
  • read a blog post that’ll inspire you
  • read a book
  • listen to a song
  • draw your feelings
  • do yoga to help yourself relax
  • go outside
  • do art
  • write (a poem, a song, a story, a diary entry, anything you’d like!)
  • look at inspirational quotes
  • shop for anything
  • smile

photos that will hopefully make you happy {that makes me happy too} {credit: me}

awww!! my little sister’s stuffed seal! how can that not make anyone smile?
brings back memories!
Screenshot-2017-11-6 Anything in the Wonderful Life
my very first blog design!! I always smile at this!! makes me thrilled to think about!
when I first got my doll, lila!
reminds me of music!
one of my first ever photos! it’s so cute and blurry…
IMG_2258 (2).JPG
who doesn’t like bunnies? they are so cute and delightful!
blurry but reminds me of Christmas! ❤ makes me so overjoyed to think about my fave holiday!

points: 23 (3 for posting, 2 for the little challenge (they are in bold), and 18 for the 9 photos)

what did you think? most of my happiest photos are of people so I obviously can’t post them. But in total I have 40 points!!!! Yay!!


be on da lookout for a q&a post soon!


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