things that make me happy

HARPs Featured Imagehi guys! I am joining Starling’s happy and random posts contest! I am on team butterfly, yay! first, I am going to give links to my teammate’s blogs, you should definitely check them out!




Rebekah Leigh

I added 3 synonyms for happy in this one: joyful, peaceful, and pleased.

Copy of nature.png

Copy of Copy of nature.pngCopy of travelingtraveling.png

music.pngpoints: 17

(2 for the little challenge, 6 photos so 12 for those, and 3 for posting!)

so, did you enjoy? anyone have post ideas for me? thanks!

qotd: is it jimmies or chocolate sprinkles? we call them jimmies in the northeast. XD



14 thoughts on “things that make me happy

    1. 😦 I only have one BFF (I used to have 2 but you don’t want to know what happened even when we were with her) Hopefully you’ll find one soon! ❤


  1. Get out!! I didn’t know that we were on the same team! XD I haven’t seen the details yet. *nervous giggle* 😬 Could you send me a link to the post Starling wrote that told the teams in? Thanks.

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