spring break diary days 4, 5, + 6

Spring Break Diary

hi guys! I’ve been busy these past few days so I decided to continue spring break diary!!


we went to our grandmother’s house! my cousins (1 and 3) were there and it was super fun! my one-year-old cousin kept asking where everybody was if they left the table to get something. it was hilarious! we also made ice-cream-sandwiches out of the cookies i made on sunday! overall an amazing day, but we left at 8 in the morning at got back 8 at night!!


we went out for a while on tuesday and ate out at my fave restaurant! later we went to see my cousins for a bit! they were again, super fun! my 3-year-old cousin had built forts and then started knocking them down. XD then I went to my first ultimate frisbee! more about that in another post!


today we went out to get our nails done and went to my grandmother’s house and saw my cousins yet again! we got ice cream too from a local ice cream place. today I woke up late (for me), 8:25!?!?

so I’ve had fun and am doing even more tomorrow and friday, so look out for that! hope you enjoyed and I have tons of post ideas so look out for those too! 🌱🍪🏆



and to Starling: I am working on two posts for the contest! I can wait to post them! ❤


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