spring diary days 2+3

Spring Break Diary

this weekend we didn’t have a ton planned but it turned out great! so let’s get started!


we had nothing planned for saturday but it was pretty fun! in the morning my dad, sisters, and I took a walk and I discovered my ‘dream’ neighborhood! how often does that happen?? the street is just getting started, but they already have a road there and it’s gorgeous! there is already one house!

after we had lunch my dad took my sisters and I to dairy queen. my mom didn’t go because she says it’s not real ice cream, haha. I got a blizzard, I think it was some sort of chocolate flavor.

later we went out to eat at a local restaurant! it was sooo good! when we got back, my sisters and I played capture the flag. XD


we went to church, but there was no sunday school because it’s vacation. we went out to a local donut shop because normally they have donuts there. I got vanilla crème, it was soooo good! don’t you just love donuts 🍩? I do!

later I decorated an envelope that I will soon send to my grandfather and grandmother! my sister and I wrote a letter and I designed two bookmarks.

after that (and lunch!) I made cookies with my mom! they are for tomorrow, but I got to test one. XD

so that was my weekend so far! how was yours? tomorrow we’re starting the real vacation, so it’ll be way more exciting then this weekend.


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