Spring Break Diaries: Day 1!

Spring Break Diary.png
photo credit canva

so starting today I have my spring break! so, in honor of that, I am starting a new series: my spring break diary! each day I will post a ‘diary entry’ from the day before. it will go for 10 days (wow!) so until the 23rd of april. here is yesterday’s entry! also, btw, I may not have a post everyday if I am busy, if so, it will be two entries in one. and, yesterday was Friday, but I have so much to share though! let’s start!

april 13, 2018

  • in art I got to bring home my clay elephant and we are starting portraits using charcoal!! I am doing Malala Yousafzai!!
  • in ela we started mini book clubs about segregation. I accidentally said a bad word (at the time was acceptable) and we all started laughing. I didn’t even know it was the bad word, though!
  • science we are studying the body unit!! I love this unit! in fact I am a bit geeky about this stuff, haha.
  • when I got back home, my little sister had a friend over! I went on the laptop for a bit and then took a walk. surprisingly, there were so. many. kids. probably about 10 kids or so. I did take pictures a couple days ago on a walk with my sister, but only a few photos because my sister kept getting annoyed. xd

today is going to be a bit short but this week should be more exciting!! next Saturday we are taking a trip!! yay!


fun fact of the day: this is my 100th post! 


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