Happy-And-Random-Posts Contest

Hi guys! Please check out this contest that Starling is doing! I’m sure she’d like it if you joined!


HARPs Featured Image

Hello everyone!! I’m excited to present to you the contest I have prepared since December 2017! 😀

Happy-And-Random-Posts Contest Details

What is it?

The Happy-And-Random-Posts Contest is a contest in which you have to post about a happy and random topic which I will give. The point of this contest is to make the world a happier place because I think we all need a little bit of that now. I decided not to make it a photography or writing contest, coz lots of contests have been centred around those themes.

How long will the contest last?

I will be hosting the HARPs Contest (what a cool acronym!) for 7 Mondays only, starting from next week.

How does this work?

Every Monday,  I will give you a happy or random topic to post about. Then within one week, you have to get your post up, to earn your team some…

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