Recent Photos!

Hi guys! I recently took some photos that I will show you! Speaking of photos, yesterday I took over 200 photos but they were on my grandfather’s camera so I don’t have them. Well, let’s go!


this one was was a Frisbee with moss and dirt inside. Good job, sisters! XD
I kind of like this one! I think this is from a bush in our front yard.


I love this pic!!!


Glad my camera didn’t drop!! XD


This reminds me of when I went to Florida. Idk why.


I was trying black and white! One tip: ALWAYS have flash or it’ll turn out so dark and dull!
me!! I love this one!!


random girl on a horse I painted in 3rd grade.ย 


My hair!

Just a note: All these photos are unedited, I don’t like editing my photos unless it’s to get a personal detail out or something like that.

So, did you like the photos? Which was your favorite?


I might be changing the blog name soon jsyk




20 thoughts on “Recent Photos!

      1. YOU’RE WELCOME, ARABELLA!!!!!! XD It’s fine! I think you saw Hope call me that, so now you’re saying it. XD You can call me that if you want! Do you have a nickname? Mine is KayKay.

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        1. Haha probably! Hmm… there’s Ara, uh… anything you want! As long as it isn’t as embarrassing as the nicknames my sisters call me…

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            1. ๐Ÿ˜€ I have two sisters, but I’ve seen families with like 5 or 6!?!?! Well, be glad you don’t have siblings to call you annoying nicknames. XD

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  1. These pictures are so pretty! I like the sixth to last one and the one above it – I love the lighting and just the overall view!
    Lydia 3

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    1. Thanks Maggie! That is probably one of my favorite photos I took. I’m pretty sure that I turned of the lights to take it. You’re welcome and thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿ˜€

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