April’s Here!

Yay for April! ❤ I’m not really going to do stats on this post, but some other stuff related to March and April!

What I Wanted To Post:

Day in the Life ✅ Yay! I did this one, it was a day in the life of my typical Sunday.

Routines ❌ I don’t think I did this… but I really wish I had!

Recipes ❌ Nope, I had one planned but didn’t even end up writing it….

Songs/Poems ✅ I posted a poem on Friday.

Book Updates ❌ No, I didn’t even edit my book at all much.

Blogiversary ✅ YESSSSSSS my blogiversary and 100 followers!! At the beginning of the month, I had 89 and now I’m at 116!

Collabs ✅ I did a collab with Gracie on our futures!

My Goals for March

Reach 100 Followers ✅ Yes I reached 116

Post More ✅ Yup! I posted 22 times in March and 19 times in February… not that much of a difference but there is one!

Write more of my story ✅ I did, vaguely. I didn’t get much done though, but I did write more of my story, so I’ll let it count.

Work more on my photography ✅ Yes!!! I haven’t uploaded them to my laptop yet, but I have taken a bunch!

Continue cleaning and re-decorating my bedroom ✅ I have finished cleaning it! Be on the lookout for a bedroom post soon!

Finish the KotLC series (just from what’s published, I have to finish book 5 and read all of book 6) ✅ I finished it!! Can’t wait for book 7 in November (I think) Here’s the cover for Flashback (book 7) from Shannon Messenger’s site:


Finally get around to doing that heap of tags/awards just waiting to be published… ✅ I did half of them, so I guess it counts!!


I might be posting less on my blog in April, because of tests and vacation coming up.

As for posts…. I want to know what type of posts YOU want me to post! I’ll try to post every suggestion that I can do (nothing like face reveal or video or anything like that)

So, I want ALL OF YOU to post at least one suggestion in the comment if you can! You may do as many as you want though. I do have several ideas, I just need more and want to know what you want.


So that’s it for now! And I may be changing up the blog a bit (like name and design), if you see this don’t say anything in the comment, just say “wink”.




18 thoughts on “April’s Here!

  1. HEYYY well done on this! I just found your blog because you liked one of my posts and I LOVE IT. Your style is so friendly and approachable. Keep going!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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