It’s Not To Late To Start

Hey guys! This will be a quick (but hopefully inspirational) post for you today!  And, this is my first Christian post!

So, as Lent is coming to an end with Easter coming, as we are now in Holy Week (at least Catholics are), you may be thinking to yourself  “Boy, I wish I had done something this Lent to help out or make a difference.” or, “I wish I had given something up for Lent, but I didn’t.” Now I’m here to tell you: It’s not to late to start!

Give this last week a chance, do something to change the world just one bit, or help out in some way. As Lent is ending, do something special this last week. Make this last week worth it.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Go to Mass

Have less screen time

Spend more family time

Do something relaxing (like reading or taking a walk)

Do something you love

Help a parent/neighbor with the groceries (or anything similar, maybe helping your parent cook dinner)


Remember, these are just ideas! I hope I helped you and I hope you enjoyed this quick post!


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