{Our Future’s Q&A} With Arabella and Gracie!

Hey guys! Check out this collab I did with Gracie!

Happy Saturday! Today I am doing a Q&A with Arabella from Thoughts of a Fangirl.

Arabella was originally gonna post this post but thought I might post it quicker than her, so she gave it over to me 🙂

{Our Future's} Q&A With Arabella and Gracie!

We both answered the same questions, having to do with our future’s! Arabella thought of the questions, good job thinking of these great questions!

I am in PINK 
Arabella is YELLOW 
Questions are BOLD 
1. Are you planning to go to college? 
— I am not. I am planning to graduate high school, start working, and then hopefully God will bless me with a husband, then I can start a family! ❤
2. What types of jobs are you thinking about?
— Chick-Fil-A, photography, Mom, and blogger. 
3. Do you want kids or live by yourself/just with a husband?
— Yes! I want at least 4 kids! ❤
4. Would you…

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