10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Hi guys! I’m here with a ‘Ten Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me’ post! Let’s get started!

#1: I’m Going to get Braces!

Next month I’m going in to ‘order’ my braces (I’m not really sure exactly what we’re going to do) and after that, I’m going to wear braces!

#2: I Can’t Stand Germs!

Seriously… if someone gets sick (like I just hear about it) I might not eat for a while after, and, well, you just don’t want to know.

#3: I Can’t Stand Peanut Butter!

You probably already know this, but I can’t stand it! I will gag at the smell of it, and I can’t even look at it without gagging too.

#4: I Haven’t Been Sick in a While

Yup! I haven’t been sick since one or two summers ago… and I hope I’m not going to be sick for a while.

#5: I Have Glasses!

I have had glasses since I was 7, and I’ve had two pairs (but I want another!)

#6: My Favorite Colors…

My favorite colors are light orange (this color), light purple (this color), light blue (this and this), and light green (this color)

#7: If I Were Going Out To Lunch With 5 Bloggers…

Wow this is so hard to pick! Here are the 5 bloggers I’d pick:






I wish I could go out to lunch with all of my favorite bloggers (but that’s like 60 so it’d probably be a party! XD)


#8: I Love Learning About the World!

That’s soo true! I love studying the world and it’s cultures! ps: look for a dream destinations post soon!

#9: I Might Be Starting A New Blog (along with this one)


#10: I love Disney!

I’ve only been to Disney World in Florida but I’ve been about 4 times and I love it! My favorite ride… ARGH I CAN’T CHOOSE! Well, a couple favs are Soarin’, Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, Test Track, and Peter Pan’s Flight! I also ❤ the channel! Plus Descendants (and #2) is my favorite movie of all time!


Did you like learning a bit more about me? Can you relate to anything?


37 thoughts on “10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I got glasses when I was 7 too! We have tons in common. I HATE germs, EW! I been to Disney 3 times (Disney World twice, Disney Land once.) and I’m going next month! Light purple and light blue is SO pretty.

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  2. YAY! This is so cool! Oh, wow! I’d love to go to lunch with you and some other bloggers one day – we should DEFINITELY plan on that. 😋

    Great post!

    -Bekah ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can relate to like all of these things! AHHH, YOU WOULD WANT TO GO TO LUNCH WITH ME???? YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!! I wish we could meet, but I don’t think my parents would allow it… XD

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