My Dream Home

Hi guys! In January I had seen Peri do this type of post and then recently Gracie did this too, so I decided to try it!

All pics are from pixabay



I want a mix between modern and farmhouse style!!


I love the island and how the chairs fit nicely into it!



The idea of plants around the house is really soothing, they would go well with the theme of the house.



If you look at the top, there is a little rack to hold pots and pans, which I think is a really cool idea!

Living Room-

I really want my living room to also be modern yet cozy for the family!


This is definitely a couch I’d want to have!! Plus I love the staircase in the back.


A coffee table would be nice!


The shelves would add a nice touch.





This is definitely the style I want for the bathroom! I don’t want it too small, though. I just love the farmhouse style, mixed in with modern is a cool touch.

Mud Room-

A mud room would be very helpful if/when the kids start school or whenever we go out!


This would be helpful for hanging up coats!


This one too!


Plants would add a nice touch!


Dining Room-

I want a large table in the dining room so we can fit many people for family gatherings and stuff like that!


This is definitely what I’d want for a table!!!


I love this!!


I’d want the office to be laid-back, where kids can do their homework and I can write without too much distraction.


The laptop and notepad would be great for when I’m blogging/writing and when the kids are studying! Plus, there’s coffee for me!!


This is probably more of what I’d want for an office. There’s a laptop and chair in the corner, plus shelves and more chairs if needed. The plant is an awesome touch too!

Master Bedroom-


This looks gorgeous for a bedroom!


This would be great too!


I really like this clock!

Other Bedrooms-


This would be a great guest bedroom! ❤


This would be a cute type of room for a little girl. XD


A teen girl would ❤ this room.


I would love this room! Another great teen room!



I want the house to be kind of big, but kind of small, you get what I’m saying? Probably not.


This looks like a gorgeous house with plenty of yard space!


I’d also love a farmhouse!


This is also a really cool house!


I definitely want a big yard with lots of flowers and plants!


Chairs would also be helpful if we had family and friends over!!


Tire swings would be fun for the kids!!



So, did you like my dream house? I sure did (although it was my dream house, so…)Thanks for reading!! Would you want to see a dream bedroom in the future?







33 thoughts on “My Dream Home

    1. Hi Sareena!!! Same!! I actually want to be an interior/exterior designer because I love designing and decorating things a lot. Thanks so much!! 😀

      ~ Arabella💕

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  1. This is a really pretty house! I think this is what my house would look like too. How are you? Also, do you like listening to Britt Nicole?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Kaylyn!! I’m doing good! We have a snow day today, and we had a 6 1/2 day weekend not on purpose?!?! I haven’t listened to Britt Nicole. Who is she?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure!!! Great! Wow, that is awesome! I got some snow, but not a lot. WOW, THAT IS A LOT OF SNOW!!! Wha?!?!?! XD Cool. She is a Christian singer. She sings some Christian songs, and some not. She is really good! I LOVE your new profile pic!

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        1. A couple days ago about 6,000 houses in my town lost power, but today it’s only 100 or something (luckily we didn’t lose power!) I have to listen to her sometime! I can’t now because my sisters are watching tv and are using the headphones as well. Thanks so much! I found a picture I took of some roses and cropped it.

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          1. WOAH, that is crazy! Why did they lose power? ONE HUNDRED???? That is still a lot. WAIT. SIX THOUSAND???? XD I know, she is a great singer! Oh, OK. No problem! Wow, cool!

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