Welcome March!

February is gone and March has come. Ahh, good old March. One of my favorite months. March is my blogiversary month, so I have several special posts planned throughout the month, including collabs (some on here and on other blogs, which I shall re-blog) and a day-in-the-life!

Blog Stats + More

  • From February 1st – 10th I participated in a photography challenge! Although I wasn’t able to participate every day :(, I completed most of the challenges.
  • On February 11th, I created a survey and collab form for y’all!
  • On February 13th, I started Outfit of the Day (Ootd), and so far I have done three of them!!
  • On February 21, I took a little break (which was shorter than I had expected.
  • During my break, I changed up my blog!! I changed the name (from Anything in the Wonderful Life to Thoughts of a Fangirl) and re-designed the whole blog!

Some stats:

I had 286 visitors, along with 927 views on my blog

379 likes and 198 comments (just about 200!)

My most popular post was my 50 + 60 follower Q&A, and you can still ask questions!

Top referrer was your WordPress reader

The most popular country for views was the United States of America, was 630 views!

Along with 26 other countries!!

I posted 18 times throughout the month, I think I can do more for March!

February was my most popular month for the blog, with 344 more views than January!

My top commenters were Kaylyn GraceHopeLizzyGracie, and AgBeYourself.

The most popular day of views is Thursday, and hour is 7:00 (pm)

Have 89 followers! (on the site it says 88, that’s because I have an email follower and that one is just for wordpress followers)

March Goals/Posts

A couple posts you may see in March-

Day in the Life




Book Updates





  • Reach 100 Followers
  • Post More
  • Write more of my story
  • Work more on my photography
  • Continue cleaning and re-decorating my bedroom
  • Finish the KotLC series (just from what’s published, I have to finish book 5 and read all of book 6)
  • Finally get around to doing that heap of tags/awards just waiting to be published…


Alright, I think that’s it! How was your Feburary? What are you doing in March?


ps: here is an image I made just for fun… (keeper of the lost cities) It’s not the best but…






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