My Bucket List!

Hey guys! I decided to show you my bucket list! A lot of these include traveling and visiting places.

  1. Road Trip across America!

Now this would be really cool. I have taken shorter road trips, but I’d love to go out west more, so that would be pretty epic!!

2. Become close-to-fluent in another language.

So, I am starting to learn French, and I hope to one day become close-to-fluent in either French or another language.

3. Go to India

My bff’s family is from India, I’d love to visit! I’ve seen photos and it looks beautiful!

4. Travel somewhere with my BFF

If we are still close, we have been talking about traveling together when we’re older. It combines two of my favorite things: traveling and my BFF!

5. Visit all 7 continents

I’d love to try to visit each continent! Maybe not Antarctica, though. I still think this is a super cool idea, though.

6. Visit the four corner states!

This would be SUPER cool! I’ve never been, and it would be pretty fascinating to go!

7. Write a Story!

I enjoy writing, so writing a story would be awesome!ย Even if it was a picture book. that would actually be pretty cool too.

8. Ride in a hot air balloon!

This would be really cool.

9. Visit all 50 states!

Now this would be awesome! I’ve already visited a bunch, and this would be part of my road trip across America.


Also, I have an announcement. I won’t be posting for a little bit (besides AAWC 3 in a couple days), because I’m going away. I will (hopefully) be able to post this week a bit, but I am very busy.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?

~ Arabella

24 thoughts on “My Bucket List!

  1. I’ve done the four corner states and road trip across America. I used to live in AZ so when you would wake up in the morning you would see tiny hot air balloons floating in the sky. It was quite beautiful. I’ve never been in one though.

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    1. Cool! I’d love to take a road trip across America! I’ve done one on the east coast last summer to see the eclipse. That sounds gorgeous! โค

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  2. Ooh, your bucket list is a lot like mine!! One of my items was to go on a hot air balloon, and I had the chance to go one last year! It’s incredible!!!!!

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  3. I am loving your blog – I just found it ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would also loveeee to visit all 50 states! just followed and hope you can return

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    1. Thank you so much! Sorry it took forever to reply, I just got back from vacation. Anyways, I’ll try to get it up soon! Thanks!


    1. Oh yes, I forgot about Paris (did I add it?), another place I actually want to live before I have kids. What I want for my future is really complicated. XD. I also would love to meet up with blogger friends too!

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