Top 8 Feel-Good Songs

Everyone has bad days now and then. I’m here with a couple songs that will hopefully get you in a good spirit and make you feel good about yourself :). I love these songs, I hope you check them out!

  1. Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara
  2. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  3. Brave by Sara Bareilles
  4. Best Day of my Life by American Authors
  5. I don’t want to Live Forever by Taylor Swift + Zayn
  6. Rise Up by Andra Day
  7. Boomerang  by JoJo Siwa
  8. Stand by You by Rachel Platten

Sorry for a short post, but I hope you check these songs out! What are some of your favorite songs? What are some songs you really like to listen to? Let me know in the comments!

~ Arabella

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