Life Lately + random

Hey guys! I decided to do my first post focusing on my life lately and some other random things. So let’s get to it!

SNOW!!! I live up north, and we get tons of snow! I love sledding and snowball fights with my siblings, it’s super fun!

I’m having a birthday party soon! It’s for me and my little sister. I love birthdays, even if they’re not mine.

I got a new doll! Here’s a picture:


sorry for the not so great photo. I took this in the bathroom.

Her name is either Lila or Delilah (she would go by Lila)

I’ve been reading a lot lately! I’ve really liked Amina’s Voice, My Louisiana Sky, and Keeper of the Lost Cities. I recommend them all :).

I’m saving up my money for a camera! I’m hoping to buy a Canon Powershot SX400. It may be a while, but my photos should be even better once I get the new camera!

I’m in love with candy!! I ate SO much chocolate on new year’s day… hehe…

I keep saying I’m going to post my songs, but I don’t. I’m sorry about that! I’ll try to post more writing and songs.

I’m going to be taking a short break because I’m traveling.

I think I’m going to post a “dear future me” post! Be on the lookout for that!

I made a blog buttons page! I added comments on the page, so if you’d like to swap you may ask there!

Well, I think that’s it for now!

What posts would you like to see? What’s been going on in your life lately? Let me know in the comments!

~ Arabella




23 thoughts on “Life Lately + random

    1. Thanks! Cool, I was about to name her Delilah, but stuck with Lila for now. Happy birthday! I turned 12 a little over a week ago, so we are very close in age. What doll (if you aren’t keeping it a secret)?

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  1. Cool! I live up north too, and we get a lot of snow!!! It’s always funny reading other people posts about how much snow they have and how cold it is outside, then in the pictures they don’t even have an inch of snow! 😛 Happy birthday to you and your little sister! ❤

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          1. Ooh, that is great! Once I was taking pics of my doll in the snow, and it was so windy that it knocked my doll, face first, into the snow. XD

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                  1. Izzy: OK, I am not the only one.
                    Me: I am pretty sure all of us once have fallen flat on our face.
                    Izzy: Yes. Now, when am I going to get new clothes.
                    Me: How… Why are we talking about clothes when we were talking about something else?
                    Izzy: WHEN AM I GETTING NEW CLOTHES???!!!
                    Me: No for a little while.
                    Izzy: WHY????!!!!
                    Me: Because I am saving up for clothes for Gracelyn.
                    Izzy: Humph.

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