What I am Thankful For part 2

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So here is part 2 of What I Am Thankful For!! So today, I AM going to include the things I listed before, plus some more things I am thankful for. Today I’m going to give a mini description of WHY I am thankful for everything listed.

  • Friends- My friends make me happy every day, plus they are super fun to hang out with 🙂
  • Family- My family is there for my every day (???)
  • American Girl- Well, I really like AG dolls and… yeah that’s it
  • My town- My town is really fun to explore, amazing stores and restaurants
  • My school- Well my school is really caring, great people.
  • TV- I like watching tv?
  • Christmas + Thanksgiving- I get to spend time with family and there’s great food + gifts
  • The outdoors- I enjoy taking picture outside and just doing stuff outside…
  • My bedroom- Uh, I get to sleep in my bedroom? Well it’s mine and I know that only I can be in there (except my parents), so I won’t be bothered by siblings.
  • Art- I like doing art, and seeing other people’s art, I guess?
  • Chorus/Singing- Many people don’t have the advantage of Chorus at their school, plus singing is really fun in all.
  • Clothes- I’m not really sure????
  • You guys!- Okay this is obvious (I think?) but since you’re my followers I always feel glad when someone likes or comments on a post.


Did you guys like this post? Happy Thanksgiving! I can’t wait for Christmas now!


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