Random Post #1

I’ve been doing random posts on my private blog- so I decided to make one here!

Random Topic 1: Songs!

Lately I have been listening to Taylor Swift and some more songs… and I’m obsessed!!!! 🙂 I also like writing songs, my best friend and I had wrote some last spring but I don’t know where they are 😦

Topic #2: In which I try to write at least a paragraph without backspacing!!

So hey guys I am so excited for November and December! I can’t wait for tmy fbirthday and christmas the most! I’m prewtty good at this! From AG I treally really want wieteither Luciana Vega, truly me 55, trulky me 68, or uh… there’s a unch I really want! This paragraph is getting so bad I mean if you guys want to skip this it’s finde by me! I think I’ve gotten to a paragrpah so bye!

Ha Ha that was really bad!

Topic #3: Prologue to my epic just-started novel!

Yeah so here is the prologue to my novel! It’s not the best and it’s really short…

Screenshot-2017-11-7 NaNoWriMo_s Young Writers Program (Beta)
How do you like it?

So that’s all I have for today!!


ps: How do you like the design Megan did? I really like it!

What types of posts do you like to see? Are you doing NaNo? Tell me in the comments!

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