How to Save Up for an Expensive Item

Tips and Tricks for Saving your money!

So you want to save your money for something really expensive? Here’s how!

* DON’T ask for this item for your birthday/holiday

Instead, think about where you might buy this item. Say it’s… Target. Then ask for “Gift Cards to Target” instead of  “Lego set” This is an easy way to get more money for your item! People are more likely to get you a gift card than the actual gift. Plus, you don’t have to save up as much money!

* Put a picture of this in your wallet

If you are about to buy a candy bar, and you reach into your wallet, then see the picture, you won’t be tempted to buy the candy bar!

  *  Babysitting/Dog Walking

If you’re old enough, try babysitting or dog walking! This will give you tons more cash!


What are your tips for saving up for an expensive item?

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